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View YouTube videos without Ads

Teachers can show YouTube videos without the annoying ads. Some ads are just downright inappropriate. You may have to check with your tech folks to allow these sites to be allowed on your systems.

  1. viewpure – Insert the url and click Purify to remove comments and ads. Click on Teacher Resources, then your grade level to access resources already purified.
  2. safeshare – The free account allows you to save up to 20 videos from Yourtube or Vimeo. You will have a video without adds and comments to show your students. The video can be edited so you can start it at the place you choose. This is very handy if you want to show a preselected section to your class. You can share your saved video on social media platforms as well.
  3. nicertube – Copy a youtube url you want to show and follow the prompts on the site and you will create a link to show your selected video without the annoying ads surrounding the youtube site.

Free Lesson Plans: Treaty and the Treaty Relationship in Canada

This year, Canada’s History Society is publishing two magazines on Treaties and the Treaty Relationship. The first, under the banner of Canada’s History, is aimed at adults and secondary-level students. It will launch in May. The second magazine is intended for younger audiences and will be published as the September issue of Kayak. Subscribe for these resources at Canada’s History Website.

2018 Ontario Social Studies Curriculum

Teachers will deliver to Ontario students the new 2018 Social Studies Gr 1-8 Curriculum starting this fall. The revisions in the 2018 curriculum support Ontario’s commitment to respond to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls to Action. These revisions were made in collaboration with Indigenous teachers, Elders, Knowledge Keepers, Senators, Indigenous community representatives, and residential school survivors. The revisions focus on strengthening students’ knowledge and understanding of Indigenous histories, cultures, perspectives, contributions, and ways of knowing, as well as of the history of the residential school system, treaties, and the Indian Act.


Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center- Teaching Trunks

The Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center offers Teaching Trunks for classes from K-12. These trunks are shipped for free. You have them for 4-week teaching units. They are shipped to all states.

Select your choice of a trunk for your grade.

Tumblemath free offer

As you are planning your back to school lessons include TumbleMath to get your students engaged in learning. Integrate their literature-based math literature into your lessons. The online collection also includes lesson plans, quizzes aligned to Common Core, State/Provincial Standards connected to each title. Sign up for your no obligation, free subscription until November.

To sign up, send a quick email to They will set you up with your own trial account so you can start taking advantage of this amazing resource!

TumbleMath – a database which all adds up!!!


Teach Media Literacy with Superbowl Ads

Have a look through this extensive website by Frank W. Baker, for many ideas on how to use the Superbowl to teach Media Literacy. Transfer the teaching ideas to other topics.
Past ads available on this site.

Sketch Note-taking

I stumbled upon this link about how a teacher used sketch noting to aid in note taking while they watched the Presidential Inaugural Address. He describes the note-taking process with examples.

Take some time to watch these youtube videos to become more acquainted with Sketch Note-taking.

Sketch0 Frenzy-The Basics of Visual Note-taking

  • Text
  • Images
  • Structure

Verbal to Visual: Note-taking Tools for Learners and Makers



Symbols of the United States

The United States’ Library of Congress provides links to primary source  Symbols of the United States along with a Teacher’s Guide. Teachers of other countries can use this teacher’s guide as a model to teach symbols of your country.

Teachers, access the Teacher’s Guides and Analysis Tool to use with students.

Download for free – The Symbols of the United States Student Discovery Set.

(This book is available for download with iBooks on your Mac or iOS device. Multi-touch books can be read with iBooks on your Mac or iOS device. Books with interactive features may work best on an iOS device. iBooks on your Mac requires OS X 10.9 or later.)

Website” Essential Civil War Curriculum

This site is a good start for the study of the Americal Civil War for secondary  and post-secondary school students. The Essential Civil War Curriculum site is “produced by today’s foremost Civil War historians. This site contains a definitive list of over 325 topics that every student of the Civil War should study”. It is a collection of resource lists, photographs, and descriptions of seminal events of the war and American history.

You will also find:

PBS: Electoral Central – American Election explored

PBS has created an incredibly comprehensive set of interactive resources for Gr. 7-12 history teachers to help you teach about the American Presidential Election.

The resources include: