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Science Picture books – 2019 longlist

Do your book buying with this 2019 Science Booklist. Great titles to jumpstart your lessons this year.

WWF: Classroom Adoption Kits

Kermode Bear CK Banner EN

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) offers classroom adoption kits for your new year kickoff. Choose among a Kermode Bear, Polar Bear, or a Giant Panda to introduce to your students. Each kit includes a stuffed animal, a habitat map, video, lessons plans, and other resources for a cost of $19.95 with the promotional code on the site.

Lessons and Resources to learn about and help the environment are available for grades 1-8. You will find reading passages, worksheets, activities and more.

Wonderopolis- Where the wonders of learning never cease

Interesting content is found daily on Wonderopolis where teachers can engage students first with a short video on the a new topic each day, then students can read more on the topic. Teachers are provided with a vocabulary list. Students can use the words to take “The Wonder Word Challenge” online.  The ‘wonders’ are archived. This could be used first thing in the morning as bell work or a reading piece for centres during your literacy block.

The Classroom Energy Diet

Teachers from K-12 register your class to participate in this year’s National Geographic Classroom Energy Diet. 

How does it work? There are 3 streams to the competition: Classroom Challenge, Video Challenge, and, School Energy Project. Each class will complete a series of energy-themed, curriculum-linked challenges that teach them about diverse energy issues.