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Classroom website creation

View Russell Stannard’s 5 minute video to learn how to easily create a class website or student websites. Visit his YouTube channel to watch other helpful instructional videos.

Looking at art

Review 7 things to observe about a piece of art. Adjust the number questions to suit your grade.
Use pictures you have available or visit art websites.

  1. Label Information
    Can you find?
    1. Title
    2. Artist’s name
    3. When it was create
    4. Wherw it was created
    5. What it was made of (medium)
    6. Who owns it

2. Subject Matter
What is the artwork about?
– people, buildings, trees or other recognizable things

3. Art Elements
Shapes (2-D) & Forms (3-D)
What shapes or forms do you see?
– organic, geometric, open, closed

4. Texture
What textures do you see?
– rough, smooth, coarse, soft, bumpy, hairy, sandy, etc.
Рsimulated  (you can see it but not feel it) or real (you can feel it)

5. Colour
What colours do you see?
– warm, cool, bright, dull, dark, light, opaque, transparent

Values (lights and darks)
– shades and tints of a colour

6. Space
2D Art
Does it look as if you can go into the picture? (depth)
– shading, overlapping, colours, foreground, middle ground, background, size

3D art
How is real depth achieved?
– hollowed out areas, protruding areas, solid areas

7. Line
What kinds of lines do you notice?
– straight, curvy, dotted, broken, wavy, swirling, jagged, textured, horizontal, vertical, diagonal, etc.
-contour lines
-lines created because of contrast