View YouTube videos without Ads

Teachers can show YouTube videos without the annoying ads. Some ads are just downright inappropriate. You may have to check with your tech folks to allow these sites to be allowed on your systems.

  1. viewpure – Insert the url and click Purify to remove comments and ads. Click on Teacher Resources, then your grade level to access resources already purified.
  2. safeshare – The free account allows you to save up to 20 videos from Yourtube or Vimeo. You will have a video without adds and comments to show your students. The video can be edited so you can start it at the place you choose. This is very handy if you want to show a preselected section to your class. You can share your saved video on social media platforms as well.
  3. nicertube – Copy a youtube url you want to show and follow the prompts on the site and you will create a link to show your selected video without the annoying ads surrounding the youtube site.

Published by Pat Elliott

Retired elementary teacher-librarian from Ontario Canada. I have over 30 years teaching experience in the classroom, consultant and teacher education instructor at the university level.

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