Welcome to  my blog. I am Pat Elliott, a certified Ontario teacher with over 30 years of experience in the elementary education. I have been adding to my EdSelect website for over 15 years and have decided to venture into the Blogoshere.

I will be blogging about current education trends, sharing the best: websites, App, professional books, picture books and linking them to classroom applications. I will be reviewing and critiquing them from a teacher’s perspective. Lesson plans and student worksheets will be included with some of the posts.

My qualifications include OCT, B.A., B.Ed., M.A., Library Specialist, Principal’s Qualifications Program, Developmental Reading Part I, Computers in the Classroom Specialist.

From time to time the focus of my posts may be from an Ontario, Canada curriculum focus for grounding in demonstration of classroom use. Many teachers and students throughout the global network will find the links and resources useful for their applications.

As all blogs are, this is a work in progress. Visit back often to see the up-dates. I extend to you an invitation to comment and share your experiences on the posts so we can create an online community of learning.

This blog includes:

  • The best websites to use with students connected curriculum topics
  • Apps to use in the classroom
  • Lesson plans and student worksheets
  • Links to current professional articles to share with your staff and administrators
  • Lesson plans to compliment the curriculum areas
  • Teacher Training and Curriculum Documents
  • And–  stuff that interests me

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  1. Jim Parker says:

    Hi Pat,

    At the website displayed above, can be found my book, ‘Children of Africa. A Photographic Journey’. http://www.commondawg.com We have found the book to be a wonderful teacher resource for all grades and we are in the process of creating an educators insert, as well as a downloadable series of lessons plans. Thanks for this. You have a really wonderful blog site here!



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