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Book Commercial vs Book Talks

Challenge your students to create a Book Commercial. Use the tools outlined in this Jesse Buetow Blog.

Advice to new teachers…

You are well into the first term by now. From time to time you may feel overwhelmed. This is quite normal for novices and experienced teachers alike. You have got to know your students and some of their parents by phone or in person. You have attended a staff meeting or two by now, investigated the book room, and maybe come down with your first school-related cold. You may have also experienced that the “shine has come off the apple” concerning your classroom management. When I was in the classroom I remember, wow, this is good, my students seem to like me, I have arranged the seating plan that seems to work, the students are moving through transitions of the day quite well. And then by October—- it seems like there is a new class before me. How does this happen? Familiarity amongst the students kicks in, they have established tight friendships and alliances and I am looking at them from the outside. You might find that you have to re-establish class rules and routines once again. Constant reminders is quite normal with students. You need to maintain control of what goes on in your class.

You can use some iPad Apps to assist in your classroom management. Too Noisy Lite is a tool that helps to monitor classroom noise levels. It is available online, for iPad, iPhone, and Android.

Use Class Dojo to build positive behaviour with our students.

Lily Jones from Teacher Channel offers good new teacher advice about your “teacher mindset”. She offers some things to consider for a teacher survival guide.